About Us

Our History

VenueApp is a subsidiary of Australia's largest social photography and entertainment guide website, www.getanightlife.com.au. Over 8 years ago, GETANIGHTLIFE paved the way for social photos and social media for nightclubs, bars and music festivals to become a standard form of marketing and promotions for venues. During this time, and now more than ever, getanightlife is and has been a leading provider of online and electronic marketing solutions for the nightclub, hospitality and music festival industry.

Our Expertise & Experience

Our in-house development team has over 20 years of experience in software development and solutions architecture. We have created and support numerous large-scale solutions and cloud based technologies. Our team possesses extensive hardware knowledge along with resource planning and optimisation skills ensuring our platforms operate efficently and effectively.

We have over 8 years experience specialising in marketing for the entertainment & hospitality industry working closely with venues, promoters and events giving us a unique insight in to the solutions required to integrate social media and technology into the industry.

The VenueApp Platform

Always priding ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest trends and technology, in 2011 we recognised the opportunity again by developing 'VenueApp', a 'self-managed' customisable mobile app and management platform for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, cafe and promoters to capitalise on the rapidly growing trends towards mobile app usage, without the expensive outlay and hassles of custom development. VenueApp and its parent company getanightlife, have now created the most powerful purpose built app solution for your venue available.

Unlike other template based systems, VenueApp prides itself on the support available to you in setting up and maintaining your App. VenueApp is by far the most powerful purpose built app solution for your venue available on the market today!

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