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Increase the Number of Customers in Your New Orleans Bar with Live Artists and Bands


Increase the Number of Customers in Your New Orleans Bar with Live Artists and Bands

New Orleans is a city known for its rich musical heritage and lively nightlife scene. It’s no secret that live music is an integral part of New Orleans culture, bars in the city can tap into this tradition to attract more customers and boost their revenue. In this article, we’ll show you how to effectively achieve this.

 1. Select the Right Bands and Artists

The first step in increasing the number of customers in your small music venue is to choose the right bands and artists. Consider the musical style that best suits the atmosphere of your bar and the audience you want to attract. New Orleans is famous for jazz, blues, bounce and traditional music, but it’s also home to a unique musical diversity. Ensure that the music aligns with your establishment’s identity.

 2. Establish a Performance Schedule

A consistent schedule of live performances is essential to keep your patrons engaged and attract new visitors. Plan ahead and set a regular calendar for performances at your bar. This allows your customers to know when to expect live music and schedule their visits accordingly.

 3. Promotion and Advertising

Promotion is key to attracting more people to your bar. Use social media, your website, and other digital platforms to advertise live performances. Share videos and audio clips of the bands and artists who will be performing to generate excitement. You can also collaborate with local websites and magazines for additional coverage.

 4. Create an Inviting Atmosphere

The experience in your bar is not just about the music but also the overall ambiance. Ensure that the space is clean, well-lit, and attractively decorated. You can also offer special drinks or food menus that complement the live music. A welcoming environment will make customers want to stay longer and return in the future.

 5. Engage with Customers

Encourage interaction between the musicians and customers. Many live music lovers  enjoy the opportunity to chat with the artists after the performances. This can create a memorable experience and foster customer loyalty.

 6. Use “VenueApp”

To make the most of promoting your live performances and increasing the number of customers at your New Orleans bar, we recommend using “VenueApp.” This free-to-use app is a powerful tool for connecting visitors and tourists with local activities. Plus, it’s a ticketing platform to sell tickets to your music shows

VenueApp allows you to:

  • Easily post, promote and sell tickets to your live events.
  • Reach a broader audience of people searching for activities in New Orleans.
  • Enhance the visibility of your business by appearing on a popular and trusted platform.
  • Attract new customers and boost your revenue.

Don’t underestimate the power of technology in reaching a wider audience. With the help of “VenueApp,” you can reach visitors and tourists who are looking for authentic experiences in New Orleans. Download VenueApp now or read more info here

In conclusion, live music in bars is an effective way to attract more customers and increase revenue for your business in New Orleans. Carefully select bands and artists, schedule regular performances, promote your events, and create an inviting atmosphere. Additionally, take advantage of the opportunity to use “VenueApp” to increase your visibility and appeal to a broader audience. With time and the right effort, your bar can become a must-visit destination for live music lovers in New Orleans. Good luck!